Welcome to the Ports of Hamilton, Toronto and Oshawa. 

We are sorry that we cannot greet you personally at this time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to let you know that the Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario continues to offer support and some limited services to you during this time of crisis. As the COVID-19 virus is present throughout the Greater Toronto area, our governments have asked all residents to stay at home as much as possible and to avoid public places and gatherings.

At the Mission we are seeking to offer you as much service and support as possible while limiting our presence on or around your ship, and limiting our contact with you. We recognize that our contact with you poses a far greater risk to your well-being than your contact poses to us. Our primary concern is for your continued health and safety, and for your continued ability to earn a living for you and your families. Therefore the Mission to Seafarers is taking the following actions

1. Our Mission Centres at Pier 15 in Hamilton and the Terry Finlay Seafarers Centre in Oshawa are closed.

2. Ships will only be visited by request from the captain of the vessel.

3. We are currently able to offer iVitta SIM Cards and recharge/refill cards by delivery to the bottom of the gangway at your ship.  Contact the Chaplain to make arrangements for delivery and payment. SIM cards, once delivered, cannot be returned, and no reimbursement can be provided. The chaplain cannot assist with installation or set up of cards or phones.

4. We are able to offer transportation by request for emergency needs only.  Excursions are not possible. In Hamilton we can transport a maximum of two people to one location at any one time. Our new van is equipped with automatic doors so no contact is necessary and the driver will be an appropriate distance away from the passengers.

5. Shopping with cash is very difficult at stores in Hamilton, Toronto or Osahwa. Only credit cards with tap payment ability are being accepted.  The chaplain can go shopping for a limited number of necessary items.  The chaplain can only shop at one store for one ship per day.  Please contact the chaplain with a list of needed items. He/she will purchase the items and deliver them to the bottom of the gangway, and will advise you of the amount needed for reimbursement. Shops are not permitting returns on any items at this time. The only shops open are those deemed  “essential”: Grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, restaurants offering  “take out”.

6. The chaplain and volunteers are available for conversation through electronic means. If you would like to discuss what is on your mind at this difficult time, or if you would like a time of prayer for yourself, your loved ones, or your crew members, do not hesitate to contact the Chaplain.

7. The following Chaplains are available for assistance:

a. HAMILTON: Pastor Daniel Phannenhour can be contacted at 905-616-8985. He can be contacted at this number for voice or text messages by local telephone service, What’s App and Viber. He may also be reached by email at dphannenhour@cogeco.ca or by sending a message to this page. Chaplain’s assistant Ms Miranda Peters can also be contacted at (905) 516-7739‬‬ or via email at m.joy.peters@gmail.com

b. TORONTO and OSHAWA: Rev. Judith Alltree may be contacted at 647- 295-3219 or glutenfreepriest@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

You may not see us, but we are thinking of you, and available to you.

Blessings to you, and thank you for all of the work that you do in delivering the goods that we need for our daily life. The sacrifices that you are making and the hardships that you endure are not forgotten or ignored by the people of Canada.  We appreciate all that you are doing for us in the course of your work.  May each of you be preserved from harm in these days of trial and uncertainty, and may you return to your homes and your families in health and in safety.

Rev. Judith Alltree, Executive Director, MTSSO/Regional Director, MtS Canada