On June 7, 2019,  the BLAIR MCKIEL was christened by Pastor Dan Phannenhour offering a prayer of blessing for the new ship at the Port of Hamilton. 

The ship was built in 2010, measures 140 metres by 21 metres, with a DWT of 14,600 metric tonnes. A close sister ship to McKeil-owned vessels the Evans Spirit and McKeil Spirit, the Gagliarda loaded a cargo of road salt in Egypt destined for Picton, Ontario and Monroe, Michigan. Upon completion of discharge of her cargo, she entered Canada last month and began her Canadianization process. Today, we celebrate her official renaming as the M.V. BLAIR MCKEIL, a special tribute to industry icon Blair McKeil.

“The Gagliarda pays homage to the legacy of McKeil Marine by taking on the name BLAIR MCKEIL, honouring the industry leader who successfully grew the business his father (Evans) established in 1956. We salute our past and with this newest vessel, along with the entire McKeil fleet and crew, embrace our future”, emphasizes Captain Scott Bravener, President of McKeil Marine Limited.

The BLAIR MCKEIL (Gagliarda) will trade throughout the Great Lakes, carrying a variety of cargo including cement, quartz, coke, salt and gypsum.