To Ronda with Love!

Rev. Ronda Ploughman arrived at the Mission to Seafarers’ Hamilton station in the winter of 2014/5.  Both she and Pastor Dan Phannenhour were recommended to us within a five minute time frame by two separate people so we knew the Holy Spirit was telling us something and we paid attention!  What a great team they have both been, bringing their unique and very special gifts to this ministry.   Ronda has very special training in counselling and crisis management, which has become very important to our Mission for our Critical Care Crisis Management program.  Ronda remains “on call” for us in that capacity - even though we have had to say farewell to her full time work at the Mission as she begins her incumbency at Epiphany Church in Oakville.  We will miss you on a day to day basis, Ronda, and wish you well in your new position - your parishioners are blessed! - but glad to know we will always have that special connection with you through our CCCM program.  

Thank you for four amazing years.  We send you off with our love and thanks.

The Board, Staff and Volunteers of MTSSO