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    The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario is honoured to be the recipient of such an incredibly generous donation in memory of our long time board member and dear friend, Archbishop Terry Finlay.  Terry was a wonderful mentor who helped to guide us through the many changes we faced over the past few years.  These funds will enable us to complete the work on this much needed Seafarers' Centre where 3300 seafarers will find a place of respite and hospitality steps away from the port.   MTSSO board of directors voted unanimously to name our new Oshawa station after Terry.  On behalf of the board, we offer our sincere thanks to the Diocese of Toronto and the Bishop's Company.

    After a memorial to Archbishop Terence Finlay, Archbishop Colin Johnson and Canon AJ Finlay present a special $10,000 donation from the Bishop's Company to the Rev. Judith Alltree and Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario for the new station in the Port of Oshawa. The station will be named after Archbishop Finlay, who served as episcopal visitor to the Mission to Seafarers in Canada after he retired.



    Volunteer Sue Hawthorne-Bate with Chaplain  Rev. Jann Maloney (on the right) who is our Volunteer Coordinator touring the M.V. Ardita before she heads out to sea….literally.

    Sergei, Stas and crewmate aboard the Ardita in Hamilton harbour before she begins venturing around the world again. These men are from the newly revamped, newly purchased Canadian ship “Ardita”, now back in service.

    ARDITA (Valletta, Malta) -23 April 2017 

    McKeil's 3rd vessel moved from her winter layup berth at pier 12 to pier 10 (P&H) in Hamilton, Ontario on April 22nd where she has been loading a cargo of grain.  She will sail deep sea for the remainder of 2017, returning to Canada in 2018.

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    The 2017 Great Lakes shipping season opens when the St. Lawrence Seaway opens on March 22. We hope to have our new Oshawa station open in that last week of March. Always a new wrinkle: we need a whole new transformer for our station at a cost that takes up half the remaining budget. Help us out if you can! Looking for volunteers to pitch in with lots of chores once we finish the inside: the outside needs a paint job badly, as will the inside; always need help just meeting and greeting the seafarers. Anyone with good, gently used furniture please let me know ( This will be a "bare bones" mission station, but we're so excited and proud to be able to open a real place for our wonderful seafarers to rest. Ouir thanks again to Seafarers UK and their Board of Directors for all their support. And to our many supporters in the Diocese of Toronto. Looking forward to introducing a new ministry to our new Bishop Ryscilla!


  • Newly Arrived Federal Danube Crew Heads to Toronto on the GO

    Janice Maloney-Brooks picking up the guys from the Federal Danube Sunday morning so they can take an excursion into...

    Posted by Ronda Ploughman on Monday, April 4, 2016
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The Mission

The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario cares for seafarers who arrive in the ports of Hamilton, Toronto and Oshawa, Ontario.

Southern Ontario is an important shipping hub and hundreds of ships visit our ports annually. In 2013, the Missions to Seafarers of Toronto, Hamilton and Oshawa joined together to better serve the needs of hundreds of seafarers working in the Great Lakes.

We are grateful to the seafaring community who deliver to our doors 90% of the goods of the world; from the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down … to the cars we drive to work. Those who work the freighters face danger, isolation, loneliness and often many months far away from home.

We serve as their home away from home providing a safe and welcoming space that offers friendship, spiritual support, a hot meal and a cold drink, a place to call family and friends, connect through internet access, unwind with a movie or shoot a game of pool. We help people connect to medical services, deal with unfair working conditions, unburden to a sympathetic ear or enjoy the limited time they have on leave.

Mission Centres

Port of Toronto

Our Mission Centre is located at Pier 51, 8 Unwin Avenue, Toronto.

Port of Hamilton

Our Mission Centre is located at 651 Burlington Street, Hamilton.

Also Serving

We also visit ships in the Port of Oshawa and seafarers in need in the Welland Canal and in ports in Lake Erie.

  • Life on the Rough Seas

    Deacon Derek Skelton, one of our Oshawa chaplains, and a former Merchant Marine sent along this power point with photos of a storm-tossed cargo ship.     JobInOceanFreight.pps   Read More...

  • Generous support from the Hamilton Port Authority

    A very warm and special thanks goes out to the Hamilton Port Authority for their generous support of Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario.  The Hamilton Port Authority has donated $10,000 to the Mission to Seafarers, Southern Ontario.       Read More...

  • Sponsor Appreciation Day

    In honour of International Seafarers Day, please join the Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario for a Donor & Sponsor Appreciation Lunch.  See the poster below for details.        Read More...

  • Board of Directors Charts Course for Early 2015

    1/27 - Toronto, ON. The board of directors of the recently amalgamated Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario spent this past Saturday charting is course for leadership of the mission's work. In preparation for developing a  new strategic plan for the organization in 2015, the board will be revisiting key issues over the next few months, including governance structure and board membership.      Read More...

  • Discovering the Mission to Seafarers Where You Least Expect It

    1/19 - Hamilton, ON.  Tim Huxley is a director of the Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario. He shares the following story. In December, 2014, while on a cruise out of Southampton, UK, our ship, the Cunard Line "Queen Victoria", stopped in Gibraltar.   Read More...

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