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Southern Ontario

Welcome to Hamilton, ON!

The Seafarer's 

651 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON

Mailing Address: Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario

P.O. Box 18223, Pickering, ON L1V 0B8

Contact: Pastor Dan Phannenhour

        (905) 616-8985‬

FREE: Coffee, Wifi, Books, Clothes


SIM Cards, Snacks, Souvenirs


MTSSO offers transportation to all areas shown on the map.

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Welcome to Hamilton, the 10th largest city in Canada. Hamilton is a port city located about half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls. The Niagara Peninsula (which we call "the mountain") runs through the centre of Hamilton, dividing the city in half. 

The Port of Hamilton serves the steel, agriculture and petroleum industries. During the Shipping season the Port of Hamilton is visited by an average of 200 ocean vessels and 200 Lakers. The port is spread out over a very vast area, which means that at one time this past season we had as many as 8 salties in at one time. The Hamilton mission also assists vessels in the Welland Canal including Port Weller, Port Colbourne and Port Robinson.  

Image by Edward Koorey

Visit Niagara Falls


Approximately $150 and 45 min each way. More than three people? Request a van.


Go Bus #12 at Centennial Parkway N. Exit at 420 and Stanley Avenue. Bus leaves every half hour. Tickets required - no cash fares. $26.70 CDN per person, return trip. 

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