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Ship Coming Into Hamilton, ON Port

Mission to Seafarers
Southern Ontario

Hamilton • Toronto • Oshawa • Port Colborne

Through your donations, you participate in The Ministry of Small Gestures: keeping the Wifi running, the coffee hot, and enabling our staff and volunteers to continue to do the work of hospitality that is so important to the Seafarers.​

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MTSSO – One of Our Stories


Little did Rev. John Ashley know what he was starting when, in 1836, moved by curiosity and compassion, he rowed a boat out into Bristol Bay and climbed aboard a sailing vessel anchored there. On board he found despair, desperation and isolation and became determined to do something to make a difference in the lives of those seafarers. Very little has changed in the 180 years since then.


Today, it is our privilege to continue the tradition Rev. Ashley began as our chaplains and ship visitors climb aboard visiting merchant vessels, both foreign and domestic, meet with the Seafarers on board and remind them that they are not the invisible people they believe they are.


Ours is the “Ministry of Small Gestures” bringing hope and comfort to those whose work takes them thousands of miles from their families and their homes.


Our Mission stations are their homes away from home. On behalf of Seafarers everywhere, thank you for helping us help those who bring us “90% of Everything”!

-Rev. Judith Alltree

Ours is a ministry of hospitality where no seafarers will be left behind, where they know they are not isolated, and are valued by the world.

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