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The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario is honoured to be the recipient of such an incredibly generous donation in memory of our long time board member and dear friend, Archbishop Terry Finlay. Terry was a wonderful mentor who helped to guide us through the many changes we faced over the past few years. These funds will enable us to complete the work on this much needed Seafarers' Centre where 3300 seafarers will find a place of respite and hospitality steps away from the port. MTSSO board of directors voted unanimously to name our new Oshawa station after Terry. On behalf of the board, we offer our sincere thanks to the Diocese of Toronto and the Bishop's Company.

After a memorial to Archbishop Terence Finlay, Archbishop Colin Johnson and Canon AJ Finlay present a special $10,000 donation from the Bishop's Company to the Rev. Judith Alltree and Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario for the new station in the Port of Oshawa. The station will be named after Archbishop Finlay, who served as episcopal visitor to the Mission to Seafarers in Canada after he retired.

Posted on Sun, May 21, 2017 by Ronda Ploughman


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