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  • Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario


The 2017 Great Lakes shipping season opens when the St. Lawrence Seaway opens on March 22. We hope to have our new Oshawa station open in that last week of March.

Always a new wrinkle: we need a whole new transformer for our station at a cost that takes up half the remaining budget.

Help us out if you can! Looking for volunteers to pitch in with lots of chores once we finish the inside: the outside needs a paint job badly, as will the inside; always need help just meeting and greeting the seafarers. Anyone with good, gently used furniture please let me know (

This will be a "bare bones" mission station, but we're so excited and proud to be able to open a real place for our wonderful seafarers to rest.

Our thanks again to Seafarers UK and their Board of Directors for all their support. And to our many supporters in the Diocese of Toronto. Looking forward to introducing a new ministry to our new Bishop Ryscilla!

Posted on Fri, March 17, 2017 by Ronda Ploughman


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